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Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Review

Hi Ladies,

As some of you may know from my Facebook Page, I bought this Amazing Cosmetics concealer a couple of weeks ago after reading and hearing so much about it from other bloggers and makeup artists. Alot of you were interested in my review on it so here goes!

I am a concealer queen, if it says it will reduce dark circles and discolouration I am all over it! Totally gullible! But aswell as that I am so fussy and picky when it comes to concealers. I have quite dark discolouration under my eyes and always need concealer!


The Amazing Cosmetics Concealer claims to be a full coverage, waterproof that leaves a natural looking finish. Its available in 20 shades so there is something to suit everyone.

Price: €24 for 6ml

My shade: Fair Golden


Coverage: Full Coverage. The one thing I loved about this product was the fact that you use so little but it literally covers any discolouration, pigmentation, and imperfections & still looks extremely natural if you have bought it in the correct shade to match your skin.




Lasting Effect: This is where this product loses brownie points for me, I found that as the day went on the full coverage effect started to disappear, and become more transparent, so my eyes started to look quite dark again after about 4-5 hours of wearing.  It did crease ever so slightly throughout the day but I did expect that! I can’t not expect that from a full coverage concealer.
Easy to Apply: Very easy, you literally only need the tiniest amount, apply with your finger or a small brush and because its full coverage it just glides across and covers any discolouration!


Packaging: Very small tube for the cost, but when you take into consideration the small amount you need to use it would last for ages, but squeeze too much and you won’t be able to put it back in! Start covering redness and dark circles that you may not even have haha!

My Verdict

I first tried this product one morning before work and my first impressions were that I absolutely loved it, but after using it a few times since my overall verdict is that I don’t hate this product but I don’t think I would be repurchasing after this finishes.

For me and a lot of my clients I need concealer to be medium/full coverage which is what this product definitely offers, but it was the lack of longevity that I was very disappointed with especially for the under eyes. If you suffer from redness or want a fuller coverage finish on the skin with a natural finish I would recommend it, its brilliant for covering spots so naturally, but it doesn’t claim to be non-comodegenic so for those that are acne sufferers or overly oily maybe try a sample! For busy mums who are on the go and may just need to touch up on blemishes or discolouration it’s a great quick fix for running out the door!

I think I’ll be sticking with my prolongwear for another while!

As always please leave me a comment below and share on your social media!

Lots of Love



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Friday, 28 July 2017
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