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Back to School Makeup

Hi Girls (and mummy’s too)

So you’re going back to school next week, or maybe you have already started back! As much as we all love summertime, you have to admit that going back to school can be a little fun, you get to see all your school friends again, it’s a fresh new year and you feel a little older & wiser(ish) hehe!

As much as I am not trying to push makeup on young girls but I prefer to teach girls about taking care of their skin as well as showing you how to apply makeup correctly to enhance your natural beauty and to get rid of any bad habits.  

First off starting with Skincare, we all know that in our teen’s our skin is like a bumpy rollercoaster from pimples to sensitivity you never know from one day to the next!

Taking care of your skin may not be the most fun task to do, but it will result in achieving more flawless skin when wearing makeup or even better…without!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Garnier-Moisture-Match-moisturisers-240113-bLiIeM-lgn.jpgStart off every morning by rubbing the most suitable moisturiser onto your skin (Make sure to rub in the moisturiser within an inch of its life so that the layers aren’t sitting on your skin) Garnier recently brought out a brand new range of moisturisers that are suitable for each skin type. They only retail from €5 in some pharmacies and are fantastic.

Moisturiser acts as a barrier for all those harsh elements like indoor heating, cold weather etc  protecting your skin and not only that it also acts as a primer for your foundation helping it to last longer throughout the day (which is what we all want right?)

In the evening more importantly, don’t forget to take off your makeup before going to bed! At night time, your skin repairs & cleans itself while you are sleeping, and if you have a full face of makeup on, can you imagine the damage it’s doing, not to mention 9 times out of 10 when you have a nice big spot on your face the next day! (Hate that!)

For makeup removal, I am not the biggest fan of Face Wipes but I do understand that they are cheap & handy! If you do use these, try to apply moisturiser to your skin afterwards as Wipes have a tendency to dry out the skin.

Cleansers are the best way to remove your makeup, again Garnier have a range of makeup removers & eye makeup removers that are quick and easy to use!


Now onto the fun part, Makeup!


I have decided to dedicate this blog post to Catrice Cosmetics, as in my opinion they are a top quality makeup range, that are bargain prices & can be located easily in Penney’s and local pharmacies across the country!

So for every day makeup wear, you don’t want to walk into school and look like every shade of the rainbow has splashed you on the face and be completely mortified when your principal or teacher tells you to take it off!!



I have suggested 4 main makeup products to see you through the school year!


b2ap3_thumbnail_Catrice-Spring-Summer-2013-BB-Cream.jpgCatrice BB Cream, is perfect for everyday school wear! It has a light and creamy texture, gives the skin a healthy glow & has a fab SPF 30! It costs less than a tenner and it’s really beyond reasonable for the quality of it. It claims six benefits of Balancing, Correcting, Protecting, Illuminating, Covering and Moisturising & I really do think it does all of these! I use & recommend these BB Cream’s during all my Teen Parties & the girls LOVE THEM!!






Another favourite Is Catrice Photo Finish Foundation

This foundation has light reflecting pigments to help make your skin look absolutely flawless for up to 18 hours! Now in my experience it lasts a good working day (9-10 hours) but sure that’s all we want right? The foundation is oil free so it’s perfect for all you Oily Skinned Beauties! It’s completely lightweight; you barely feel it on your skin, and gives amazing coverage. It has a lovely sheen to it that makes it appear like your skin is glowing, without making you look shiny. This foundation costs less than a tenner so again is a complete bargain buy!


b2ap3_thumbnail_KGrHqJoE-z40imwoBP53hH53ig60_35.JPGSet your foundation with a bit of Catrice Skin Finish powder to again help it last longer and your good to go!

Apply these foundations with a foundation brush to get an even finish (Don’t forget to blend along the hairlines and the jawlines aswell! There is nothing worse than that line around the jaw! Very unattractive! If you have to blend down on to the neck or apply bronzer to your neck, your foundation is too dark for you!)

When testing a foundation on your skin, apply to the jawline and also to the chest area, the foundation should match your skin perfectly and you should barely be able to see it on the skin. This is how you know it suits! Do this & look at it in Natural Daylight for the most accurate results!


For every day school wear, you don’t need to go maaad applying the latest blue & pink eyeshadows for school! It’s too much, save it for the disco’s! A touch of mascara will add enough volume to your eyes as you need. I have tried a few from Catrice & my favourite is the All Round Mascara. It gives your eyelashes volume & length to flutter at all those yummy boys (Sorry Mum!)






Catrice have an amazing range of lipglosses that I swear by & use all the time! The infinite shine range has a huge range of colours from nudes to baby pinks! Giving your lips colour & shine!




These 4 products will see you all the way from the beginning of the school year to the end, take pride in your natural beauty girls, I promise when your mum tells you your wearing too much makeup or that you look orange, you probably are!

Remember that less is more!

Enjoy school girls, giggle, snort, be kind to one another, do your homework & have fun!!

Love Charlene xxx

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