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Eyeshadows to Suit Your Eye Colour (Using Makeup Geek)

When choosing eyeshadows colours to make your eyes "pop" you choose the contrasting colour which is the colour opposite to your own eye colour on the colour wheel.




The opposite of blue on the colour wheel is Orange, with Red Orange and Yellow Orange the secondary colour families and tertiary family being Violet & Yellow. These are the contrasting colours to blue which is the colour family you should go for when choosing eyeshadow shades.

The eyeshadows I can recommend would be

Chickadee, Mango Tango, Cosmopolitan, Morocco, Poppy, Brown Sugar, Pop Culture, Duchess, Nautica, Mercury, Stealth, Mocha, Bitten


The opposite to green on the colour wheel is the red family, with secondary colours being Red Violet, Red Orange and Tertiary Violet & Orange

Cocoa Bear, Cherry Cola, Curfew, Motown, Cosmopolitan, Roulette, Bitten, Cinderella, Razzleberry, Cupcake, Crème Brulee, Burlesque, Bleached Blonde,


Opposite to Brown on the colour wheel is Blue, the secondary family is Blue Green, Blue Violet, Tertiary Family Colours are Violet & Green. Brown eyes are the one eye colour that most eyeshadow shades will suit, but these colours will makeup the eyes pop.

Peacock, Mermaid, Nautica, Envy, Duchess, Pop Culture, Burlesque, Mercury, Glamourous, Prom Night, Drama Queen, Morocco,Boo Berry, Motown, Curfew,

Hazel Eyes

Depending on which colour you want to enhance will depend on which eye colour is outlined above. Eg if you want to make the green in your eyes pop, then you can mix and match eyeshadow shades outlined above for green & brown eyes.

Grey Eyes

Look towards the blue eyes family and more cool toned eyeshadows such as Blues & Greys and Orange Tones.

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Friday, 28 July 2017
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