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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Must Haves

For over a year now I have been obsessing and boasting about the Makeup Geek Cosmetics Eyeshadow Range, and now that they are finally available in the UK from I have decided to do a blog post on what ones I love and use most.

Makeup Geek Cosmetics was set up by American Beauty Vlogger and Makeup Artist Marlena, and up until now these amazing cult buys were only available from the US which meant long delivery waits and the dreaded custom charges.

So I didn’t start off light when I ordered my first batch for delivery, I filled a whole Z Palette and I bought some eyeshadow pigments (sure why not, they were coming so far!)

I absolutely adore the idea of building your own eyeshadow palettes, how many palettes have we bought previously with 200 eyeshadows which seemed like a great idea at the time only to find out that you will probably only use like four! (Plus its amazing how many variations of yellow you will find in these palettes….ew!)

So they finally arrived and straight away I started to play around, and I instantly fell in love!

The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented, so the colour payoff you get is unreal, the eyeshadows blend so perfectly and they literally last all day, they don’t dry out or crease the eye area, they don’t smudge, they really are just perfect! These eyeshadows are available in Pan style only so you will need a palette to keep them all in, the Z Palettes are great as they have a magnetic base which keeps all the pans in place.

I honestly don’t know how I have managed to pick these few shades because in all honesty I think you need them all!!

So here are my Makeup Geek Must Haves!

Frappe (Matte)

frappe 1IMG 3381

This as you can see is a favourite of mine! I use this mainly as a transition colour that I place in the socket or crease of the eye, I love the warmth of this shade, it’s a medium brown matte eyeshadow, perfect for all eye colours.

Shimma Shimma (Shimmer – incase you didn’t guess)

shimma shimma 1IMG 3383

The perfect eyeshadow for anyone, this champagne coloured eyeshadow is probably one of my most used eyeshadows especially for bridal. Perfect for anyone with small eyes to place across the lid to make them appear bigger.

Cocoa Bear (Matte)

cocoa bear 1IMG 3385

This deep warm brown has a red undertone making it perfect for green & blue eyes. I use this mainly in the outer v of the eye or else use in the eye socket to create a deeper contour. I also love this eyeshadow placed all over the lid for a strong smokey look and blend out with an orange eyeshadow.

Bitten (Matte)

bitten 2 2IMG 3386

Possibly one of my personal favourites and one I recommend a lot! This deep maroon/burgundy shade suits every eye colour especially green or blue as it has a red undertone. I love this used in the outer V of the eye with shimma shimma over the lid and blended out with frappe.

Crème Brulee

creme bruleIMG 3384

I use this colour mainly to blend out darker eyeshadows to avoid harsh lines, it’s a light sandy colour, it’s also gorgeous if you like a matte eye makeup look, or can be used as a base eyeshadow.

Mango Tango (Shimmer)

mango tango 1IMG 3387

This is such a fun shade and don’t be afraid of it at all, A little bit of orange a little bit of pink, this peach eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful on blue eyes especially, but is equally as perfect for brown eyes! This peach eyeshadow also has gold flecks making it light reflecting and beautiful placed all over the lid and smoked out with a deep rich brown.

Cinderella (Shimmer)

cinderella 2IMG 3392

Pastel pink is one of my favourite shades to place on green and brown eyes (yes this includes hazel or amber coloured eyes too) ever since KimK wore pastel pink eyeshadow on her eyes, this has become a firm favourite in the makeup world and it makes a change from creams and golds. Perfect to wear with browns, purples or burgundy eyeshadows.

Mercury (Shimmer)

mercury 4IMG 3389

Brown & Blue Eyes will love this metallic silver grey eyeshadow, the colour payoff and pigment in this eyeshadow is unreal, I love to smoke this out with navy or a charcoal grey.

Ice Queen (Shimmer)

ice queen 1IMG 3394

Everyone needs a metallic white eyeshadow for highlighting purposes, this eyeshadow is incredibly pigmented and I now understand the reason for the name, a little definitely goes a long way, but this is beautiful placed in the inner tear duct to make eyes appear bigger or on the brow bone.

Nautica (Shimmer)

nauticaIMG 3401

This navy blue eyeshadow is one of my favourites and for all you brown eyed or Amber eyed beauties, you need this eyeshadow in your life! I love to use this all over the lid, in the outer V, to run under the lower lashes or use as eyeliner. Blue eyes can also use navy/midnight blue, just don’t mix with lighter blues it will only wash out your makeup.

Duchess (Matte)

duchess 1IMG 3395

This vibrant violet purple shade is so much fun, and perfect for brown or blue eyes, It is so deep, it can be used as liner or to place into the outer V or socket for more depth.

Mocha (Matte)

mocha 5IMG 3398

This is a deep brown colour and is quite cool toned and earthy, so it makes it perfect for blue eyes. Another perfect shade to use as for deep smokey makeup looks, or use as liner.

Chickadee (Matte)

chickadee 2 1IMG 3391

I know this colour may scare you a little bit and matte yellow/orange probably isn’t ever a colour you would think of, but if you have blue eyes chickadee will be one of the best colours to put on your eyes, I mainly use this eyeshadow as a blending out eyeshadow when using browns on blue eyes. If you have amber eyes this is also beautiful.

So this is my ultimate favourites that I have tried myself so far, I may edit this blogpost when I get my second delivery from Beauty Bay this week, but for now, I hope you find this helpful when placing your next order. I will be doing another blog post on the best eyeshadow shades to use for certain eye colours, so you can find it a little more specific to suit you.

Any questions as always just ask!

Lots of Love!

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