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My favourite foundations

A question I am always asked is “Whats the best foundation” or “What foundation would you recommend” And unfortunately ladies, there is no one quick answer.

I ask a series of questions before I give a recommendation, and most people will usually say "God I never thought about all of those things" & More times than enough how they choose a foundation is based on what they see on another person, but that person may have a completely different skin type,prefer different finishes, different undertone etc

So as always, I am here to help you on what to consider when choosing your foundation.

Choosing your foundation to me is based on a variety of factors:

-          Skin Type (Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Mature, Sensitive)

-          Type (Liquid, Pressed, Powder, Mineral)

-          Texture (Sheer, Matte, Dewy)

-          Coverage (Light, Medium, Full)

-          What you want it for (Day time, Night time/Occasions)

Once you have figured out what exactly you want from your foundation then you can narrow it down to the hundreds of different foundations out there.

My skin for instance is normal with a tendency to be dehydrated, I prefer a liquid foundation, I like the texture to be semi-matte so a bit in between sheer and matte (but I usually mattify with a setting powder after), medium to full coverage.

So for you ladies I give you my own personal top foundations for day and night/occasion and why I love them so much!


Foundation: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Liquid Foundation

Price: €38.50

Finish: Sheer

Coverage: Medium

Where you can get it: Exclusive youngblood stockists (Sligo stockist is Lannons Pharmacy Ballisodare)

Things I love about it: You probably saw this foundation in my 5 minute makeup video! It’s a mineral liquid foundation (which is very hard to come by) this foundation is paraben and chemical free, full of special enriching botanicals & minerals including Iron, Potassium, Magnesium & Copper so it’s soooo much better for my skin than normal foundations, I find my skin isn’t as dry or dehydrated when wearing. It lasts a good working day. The coverage is amazing. There is a mineral SPF to protect my skin. The texture is slightly on the dewy side for me, but that’s easily solved by setting powders. When applied it feels like a second skin, you won’t believe the coverage with it feeling so light. I also love that it is non comodegenic so brilliant for acne or spot prone skin.

Dislikes: The only thing I dislike about this foundation (it’s not really a dislike of the foundation itself) but I wish the shade range was a bit bigger there’s only 9 shades.

Suitable for: All skin types especially sensitive!



Foundation: Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation

Price: €12.95

Finish: Radiance

Coverage: Medium to Full

Where you can get it: Available in Paese Cosmetics Stockist Pharmacies. I purchase Paese in Foody’s Pharmacy (based in Ballina & Dublin)

Things I love about it: I have only just come across this brand Paese Cosmetics in the last month, so it’s pretty new to me, but over the last few weeks I have fallen more and more in love with it.  To me with the price point its very affordable and still doesn’t lose the high quality. The coverage is medium to full, I do tend to add extra coverage with their illuminating covering powder, the foundation contains Argan Oil, vitamins A, C and E, provitamin B5 and Karite butter which are all extremely hydrating.

Dislikes: I don’t like the bottle very much, there’s a little spatula that always looks so full and I feel I waste an awful lot of it, It’s a really petty dislike but maybe it’s just because I’m so used to the pump style bottle.

Suitable for: Dry to Normal Skin Types



Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Price: €31.50

Finish: Semi-Matte

Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage

Where can you get it: Brown Thomas Instore & Online

Things I love about it: This foundation has always been my old reliable. I absolutely love the flawless finish it leaves on the skin, I love how its buildable so its suitable for medium coverage for daytime and full coverage for evening. This foundation is super longlasting, I could put it on at 6am and it would still be sitting perfect until late that night! Photographs beautifully.

Dislikes: That there is no paler shades for Irish Skin Types without making you look like a ghost!

Suitable for: Normal to Oily Skin Types


Foundation: Buff Makeup HD Foundation

Price: €30

Finish: Dewy Finish

Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage

Where you can get it: Purchase on

What I love about it: Since I discovered this foundation 2 years ago it has been one of staples in both my professional and personal kit. This HD Foundation is light and easy to apply, instant coverage on the skin. It leaves quite a shiny glow, and does need to be set with a powder no matter what skin type you are. The one thing I love about this foundation is the longevity! I could put this on at 6am and it would still be perfect 15 hours later! I love that! This foundation photographs beautifully, doesn’t contain any SPF so no dreaded flashback in photos! I love the creamy texture of this foundation and it feels so luxurious when applying on the skin. Its Oil Free & contains high levels of collagen which is fantastic for leaving a youthful look, I always get compliments when wearing this foundation

Dislikes: I’m not keen on the scent as its not perfumed, but I got over it fairly quick. 

Suitable for: All skin types



Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin

Price: €36

Finish: Satin Finish

Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage

Where can you get it: or any Boots Smashbox Stockist

What I love about it: I love the instant flawless finish you get with this foundation, I also love that this is the only foundation that matches my skintone absolutely perfect, no mixing or blending down the jawline. This foundation is super hydrating so it can be used as a daytime or nighttime foundation. I love the satin finish it leaves, its not too shiny but not too matte, I could leave this foundation without a setting powder if I wanted. It photographs beautifully! Oil Free, Super Hydrating & They have a great range of shades in this foundation.

Dislikes: Price is a little steep at €36, but I think it’s definitely worth it!

Suitable for: All Skin Types



Foundation: Makeup Studio Face It Cream Foundation

Price: €31.50

Finish: Polished

Coverage: Medium to Full (More on the full coverage side)

Where can you get it: Aisling Leydon Makeup Studio in Sligo or

What I love about it: Two things mainly! The coverage is phenomenol & it photographs absolutely beautiful, one of the nicest foundations for photography. I had never used a creamy foundation before this one, but I love it! Definitely only for evenings or occasions as its too heavy on the skin for during the day (unless you like that finish) It does need to be set with a powder as it goes shiny after a couple of hours.

Dislikes: The shiny effect it can leave if you don’t set it well enough with a powder.

Suitable for: All skin types except very oily skin.


Foundation: Nars Sheer Glo Foundation

Price: €41.00

Finish: Sheer / Dewy

Coverage: Light to Medium buildable

Where you can get it: Online at

What I love about it: This foundation is the most expensive of them all but it honestly is worth every penny! The finish on this foundation is so glowy and hydrating looking, without looking shiny! It glides on the skin and leaves the most fabulous finish! You get that instant highlighted look before even putting a highlighter on your skin. Its defo one of my favourites for bridal makeup!

Dislikes: Apart from the price is just a little steep but sure I got over it pretty quick! Lol!

Suitable for: All skin types but mainly Normal to Dry

So there it is girls, these are all my own favourite foundations and the reasons why I love them! Please share your favourites with me because im always looking out for new ones!!

Lots of Love



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