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My Favourite Tanning Products

Being the Pasty Paula that I am, I absolutely adore wearing Fake Tan. So I have put together my favourites for you. When it comes to tan I generally only look for a few things:

Easy application, No streaks, Drying Quickly, Not too dark & fades evenly.

Charlenes PickMy Fave Instant Tan: Rimmel Sunshimmer

Price: €6.99

Where can you get it: Most pharmacies and cosmetic counters

Developing Time: Instant

Lasts: 24 hours

Type: Liquid Gel

Why I love it: I have been wearing this tan for years, I would easily say over 10! This instant tan has been a staple and is a firm favourite of mine. What I love about it is that it’s an instant tan and is easily washed off so if you only need it for a quick fix this is perfect. It comes in 3 shades Light, Medium & Dark and 2 finishes Matte & Shimmer. Last year they introduced a Waterproof version, something I had been wishing for for a long time, this waterproof version is fantastic for keeping tan perfect against rain, spilled drinks etc I wear the Light Matte Shade mostly but I have worn the light shimmer on occasion.

cbMy Fave Gradual Developing Tan: Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Price: €8.99

Where you can get it: Most pharmacies in Ireland, Penneys (and now the US & Austrailia)

Developing Time: 1 hour (but can be worn overnight)

Lasts: 5-7 days

Type: Mousse

Why I love it: This developing tan is literally the only developing tan that I will wear, I have about 4 bottles for just incases. This Irish brand was developed by Marissa Carter in 2012 and it has become a global sensation in just a few years with even Kylie Jenner being a fan herself!

What I love about Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan is that it develops in just 1 hour, (although I wear it overnight to get a darker effect) when you apply it you can see where you are applying the mousse so that you avoid any streaky disasters, the dark shade is my favourite but both light and dark give beautiful even colours and neither will leave you resembling an oompa loompa. The after effects of this tan aswell are brilliant, there is no patchiness and it fades evenly. I get a good 5-7 days out of my tan and when I am ready to remove I use their Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff which gently takes off any excess.

fbMy Fave Spray Tan: Fake Bake Darker Tan Solution

Price: €25 for full body spray

Where can you get it: Dollybirds Beauty Rooms (My mums beauty salon)

Developing Time – 6-8 hours but generally overnight

Lasts: 7+ days

Why I love it: Anyone that knew me over the years knew that me and spray tans were a complete no go. I had so many tanning fails, too many to even want to remember. Then a couple of years ago Fake Bake was introduced to Ireland by a friend of mine who had started to distribute it and I asked my mum to go on the training course and try it out. My mum who is a beauty therapist for over 20 years instantly loved the tan, and of course I was the first Guinea Pig! I never looked back. This tan comes in Original and Darker and my preference is the Darker as I like to be able to see that I am wearing tan.

This tan when applied you can see instantly and it starts to develop quite quickly, I was mahogany in the space of 20 minutes, all you could see was teeth and eyes and Micheal had a heart failure I think the words wear “Oh my god what happened” None the less the tan turned out beautifully and gave me the nicest glow my skin has ever had! I have worn this spray tan a zillion times now at this stage and it always gives me the nicest tan, it doesn’t stick to the dryer patches (elbows, knees) and it fades evenly.

As always if you have any questions just ask!!


Charlene xxx

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Friday, 28 July 2017
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