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My Tanning Prep

Hi ladies,

After my few nights away and my snapchat stories with me getting ready, a lot of you asked me what tan I was using and how did I get it so perfect.

My skin especially on my legs and my elbows etc is generally quite dry so when I know I will be applying fake tan I prep my skin for about 5 days before hand so that I get the best results from my tan.

My “go-to” tan generally for occasions would be the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan in the darker shade (you can see all my other tanning favourites in another recent blog here) I love the no hassle application and as always it turns out perfect on my skin giving me the perfect golden shade for my pale skin.

My Prep


exfoliate2For the best results for tanning no matter what tan you decide to use Instant, Gradual, Spray-Tan, exfoliation is the key to getting a streak and patchy free tan.

I exfoliate my body almost every time I shower, I like to use Cocoa Brown Tough Scrub because I love the smell, and it’s like a 2 in 1 exfoliator/bodywash.

Wet the skin before applying your exfoliator, and then using exfoliator glove mitts (I get mine in penneys for €1.30) I start from the bottom of my body using circular movements and in an upward motion towards the heart. Exfoliation also gets the blood flow moving and is known to reduce and help prevent cellulite. I pay particular attention to areas such as knees, elbows, back and heels of the feet, and the little arch fatty bit just under your arms (I don’t know what it’s called) these would be the areas that generally tan sticks to on me and leaves me looking patchy.

Avoid exfoliation if you are applying your tan straight after your shower.


IMG 0778I try to moisturise my skin every time I get out of the shower, but it’s the part that gets forgotten about most often because I am usually in a rush, but if I know I am going to be tanning I will moisturise my skin every day for at least 3-4 days before.

I use a moisturiser from Austrailian Gold, it’s an intensive moisturiser for dry skin types and skin that has been exposed to sun or sunbeds.

Avoid putting on moisturiser right before you apply your tan. It will cause the tan to go streaky.

Hair Removal

If you are going to shave or wax or any type of hair removal, do this 24 hours before you apply your tan. Don’t do it directly before you apply tan, it can cause irritation especially with shaving as shaving lifts the skin and exposing it then to tans can leave your legs red, sore and burny.


IMG 0767I apply the cocoa brown tan 1-2 days before an occasion.

I apply the tan in the evening before bedtime as it’s less likely I will come in to contact with water which will affect the outcome of the tan.

The cocoa brown 1 hour tan can be left on for just one hour and washed off, but I like to leave it on overnight to get a deeper shade tan.

Apply the tan with a tanning mitt, starting from the bottom of the body and working your way up. Leave hands feet and face until last. Cocoa Brown tan when applied on to the skin is tinted already so you can see where you are applying on your body to make sure you have no streaks or don't miss a few bits.

When applying tan to my hands and feet I use the excess that’s left on the mitt or else squeeze the tan on the mitt and then dip in a makeup brush and use the brush to apply it. Don’t forget to bend your fingers when applying on your hands to get into the knuckles area.

When applying tan I sometimes will apply the tan to my face as well so that there is no obvious difference between my face and neck when I’m not wearing makeup, Cocoa Brown is Non-Comodegenic meaning it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. Have any of you seen the Contouring Trick that Marissa Carter showed on her snapchat?

In the morning when showering off tan, let the water remove the top layer of tan, let the water run clear before rubbing the skin or applying body wash/shower gel.

After Care

To ensure you get the best out of your tan and to make sure your tan fades without patchiness you should moisturise your skin every day.

If you need to remove excess tan or need to apply another layer after a couple of days, you can use an exfoliator such as Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff it will remove the excess tan, dead skin and prep the skin all over again for re-application.

If you have any questions or want to share your top tanning tips with me please do!!

Lots of Love



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