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Things people never tell you about getting engaged

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary since myself and Micheál got engaged! It has been the most amazing and magical year for us, to be honest we are still celebrating and still get that warm fuzzy feeling every time someone congratulates you or we look at the ring. I can’t believe I am on the final countdown until our wedding day so I’ve decided to do a post today on things to expect when you get engaged. I am sure if you are engaged or married you know & remember most of these quite well.


1.The ring

This new piece of bling on your finger will be the most precious and beautiful thing in your life right now, you will prominently place it in direct sunlight to get the best possible sparkle, you will nearly crash the car from looking at its beauty while driving, you will find yourself checking your finger every few minutes to make sure it’s still there, have mini heart attacks when you take it off to go into the shower and then forget why it’s not on your finger. P.S Don’t forget to have your ring insured


2. How he asked

Be prepared for every person you meet to ask you the story “How did he ask” followed by questions such as “Did you see it coming” “Did he pick the ring himself” people are such romanticists at heart and will want to know every little details of the engagement. I for one was more than delighted to share our story because it literally was the most amazing moment of my life, but be prepared to be asked over and over and over. I am one of those people that loooove to ask people their “story” and want to know everything with lots of Awwww's!


3. Calling each other your “Fiance”

This was one I struggled with, I get the teenage girly giggles & butterflies in my tummy when I say it, and found it took some getting used to, even still 1 year on! I love when I hear my other half call me his fiance, I get all googly eyed and dreamy haha, and I loved the first cards we sent each other that had “To my Fiance”


4. Have you set the date??

I didn’t have much pressure in this department as my fiancé had already pre-booked our wedding date which was a surprise for me as part of our engagement. But watching other friends who have gotten engaged and are holding out for the perfect date or for whatever reason haven’t set a date yet will have their heads light with people asking!


5. Jealousy

I get a serious pang of nostalgia and a little bit green eyed (all in a good way) every time I see someone new getting engaged, it’s a moment of “Awww, I wish I could go back”. Getting engaged was one of the happiest times of my life, and I enjoyed every second celebrating, and if anyone mentions Prosecco, I’m there! But like everything, it flies by so quick, so make sure to savour and enjoy every moment!

6. Pinterest

Pinterest will be both your new best friend and your worst enemy. Countless hours and days which I can never get back have been spent on Pinterest, pinning pictures and ideas of the perfect wedding day anything from hair, makeup, flowers, DIY, table plans, photographs! All of a sudden you turn into Neil Buchanan (presenter from Art Attack) and think you’ll be DIY Crafter of the Year and those personalised glitter covered wedding favours for 400 people will be a doddle to make & you’ll have them done in no time! None the less, Pinterest is amazing for excitement and getting lovely ideas for the wedding, you can download the app onto your phone, but beware, you will become addicted!


7. Wedding World

Your life will become enthralled with all things wedding, you'll be sitting at mass looking at the layout thinking "I could put the flowers there, some candles there, that aisle is very long", you'll cry at all things wedding including complete strangers wedding videos, Just don't forget that not everyone else's world will revolve around your wedding. They will be excited for you, but not if your batting down the hatchet and losing the plot if your sister forgets to record an episode of Say Yes to the Dress!


8. Feel the Magic

This will be one of those times as a couple that you will be madly deeply in love and starting to plan one of the most exciting times of your life! Talk to one another, make decisions together, deligate jobs to your other half to make him feel part of the day too (even if he doesnt want to lol) enjoy every minute and just remember what its all for, you are preparing for one of the biggest commitments of your life and are choosing to spend forever together as husband and wife! (That rhymes lol)


I'd love to hear all about your engagement stories, I am a sucker for romance! Share with me any things that you never realised about getting engaged!


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Friday, 28 July 2017
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